I make
complex applications
easy to use

My job is to understand the needs that people using complex softwares have to design simple and creative solutions for them. I’m always learning, sharing and always part of a team.

My areas of focus


Design and Technology empower people if we find the right problems to solve and create meaningful solutions for them

As a Product Designer I take care of the end to end process of designing digital products, specially software or complex applications: researching and finding the right problems to solve, designing and delivering solutions that will come to live and following up with the results. All of this together with the team.


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

Workshops are the best tool to find alignment, generate out of the box solutions, and integrate the team. I’m a certified Design Sprint facilitator and I also design and facilitate ad hoc workshops, wether Design Thinking, Creativitity, Problem Solving or UX workshops.

#Sharing knowledge

Design is so much more than aesthetics

I love helping others understand what design is and its value, as well as how non-designers can learn and use design tools to improve their creativity and problem solving skills, empowering the whole team.

Two Facet Podcast 🎙️

Together with the Product Manager Matt Mikulski we created Two Facet: a podcast about building digital products. It’s a recording of our conversations about our experience creating digital products and how each role sees it from their perspective.

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